I guess it all stems back to one evening when I was sitting in front of my owner, nudging him with my nose, demanding attention. I recall hearing him mumble something, "Ralph….C’mon, I’m watching TV and eating my sandwich. I wish I had something to scratch you with." Poof! The DogClaw was born. It was like magic. Okay, not really magic, but one of our videos on this page makes it seem that way.

Well the next thing I know my owner starts making sketches and drawing things out. He calls his sister. “Suzy, would it be crazy of me to build a dog scratcher? You know something to scratch your dog with” "Oh, you just got a puppy and was looking for something like that at the pet store." "I should do it!"

A couple days later our buddy Nick is over at the house. My owner and Nick are chatting about nothing, you know…the normal stuff when we are all hanging out. I’m looking at Nick like "C’mon dude, how about a little pat on the head." Nick mentions how I always want attention. Its then my owner comments "Oh yea…Hey Nick, would it make sense for me to make a dog scratcher...you know, something to give them attention. A good ol’ scratching?" Nick simply answered. "Yep, makes sense to me."

Well it started getting crazy after that. We spent hours in the garage. My owner working feverishly. Wooden dowels, PVC Pipe, Duct Tape. What in the world was going on? Then, that one special moment. The moment when he turned, holding it in his hand. The first DogClaw. It felt so good. He scratched me….and scratched me, then with a flip of the wrist, he spun the DogClaw and tested out the Collar Grab. Genius! While I don’t like to be held back, the hook was pretty cool. Then it was back to scratching. Yea. That’s what it’s all about!

So on behalf of all dogs, I encourage you to get your dog a DogClaw. We often play fetch and wrestle around. You pet us, talk to us, and consider us part of the family, so now give us the scratch we want!

DogClaw...Your dog Want’s One!


Your Dog Wants One!